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ww windart symposium 2003 atlantic ctr for the arts, florida
ww project: flugRost landart, banner, paintings, photography, skies, performance, installation
ww scubista! under+over~water kiteflying performance, installation, photo, video-rooms. conceptive webs.
eu sky:vision group deko[M]presso!
sky-deko, light performance, kites, banners, theatre
ww kineticus kinetic art archives
ww kao - kinetic art org  
DE kisa kites, banner, sculptures, paintings, installations. - -
DE anke sauer artkites. drachenbaukurse.
NL rx' kite + spaceart
AT anna rubin
IT alejandro guzetti
US tal streeter  
CO bimana solar balloons.
US marc ricketts  
DE trommelfeuerwerk kites, drums, fireworks.
ww drachensyndikat  
FR collectif zoone  
US airworks kites, installations george peters, melanie walker
US david wagner  
FR le simmonets marthe + jeanmarie simmonet
US charles chris benton aerial photography
FR nico chorier aerial photography
US reza ragheb kitemaker † memorial.web
DE beate oehmann banner, rooms, landart.
US jackie matisse kites, tails, rooms. digital kiteart cave
    exhibition sites
windArt kitec gallery
windArt web at subvision


Keep that airmania site alive
and I'll do what I can to get the "kite artists" organized
to a degree that really insists on
kites as art in the art world,
not just as a secondary characteristic
of the primary kite community.
There's something of value, beyond stroking one's ego,
to be mined here.
[Tal Streeter, NY. Mar 2004]